School Lunch Orders

Our school lunch orders are made daily in our West Perth kitchen using FRESH ingredients that are packed full of flavour and nutrients, perfect for growing bodies!

We've made ordering simple for you, just follow the below link and place your order before 8:30am.

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School Lunch Order FAQ

Use the registration form above to create your account. Once created and logged in, go to the Manage Students section of your account and set up the students that you will be ordering for.

You will need to contact the store on 9481 4500,  our store mobile on 0473 779 244 or email [email protected] to cancel your order PRIOR to 10am. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cancelled orders after this time.

You must first be registered. Once you have logged in with your account, simply browse our menu to find the food you want. When purchasing an item from the menu, you will also be prompted to select which student the item is for.

Once you are ready, proceed to the checkout where you will be asked what day you want the order delivered.

During checkout you will have the option to process your order via credit card or you can add credit to your account and process orders by drawing down on your credit. 

Cut off time to place a lunch order is 8:30am for same day delivery. To place an order after the cut off time please call the store on 9481 4500, our store mobile on 0473 779 244 or email [email protected] and include the students name, lunch order and school. Late orders will be manually added and charged to a nominated credit card.

Under 'My Account' select 'Manage Funds' and top up as required. If you have any issues uploading credit to your account please contact the office on 9481 4500, our store mobile on 0473 779 244 or email [email protected]

For any queries regarding account set up please contact our team via our Contact Form.

We provide a wide range of nutritious hot food, cold food, afternoon tea snacks and drink options. 

Our food is made daily in our West Perth kitchen using locally sourced produce. We use REAL, FRESH ingredients, none of that nasty processed stuff!

Currently we have a global menu, 90% of which items meet the traffic light system, however we are happy to consider additional items if accessible and the school deems appropriate for students. Menu's are specific to each school and can be customised as required. 

We aim to use sustainable packaging, such as paper to wrap sandwiches and brown paper bags to pack lunches for transport and easy disposal. All plastic packaging is BPA free. We are in the process of transitioning to 100% compostable packaging.

Necessary cutlery is provided for items that require it such as spoons for yogurt cups and forks for noodle and rice dishes. Please note, napkins are not provided.

Temperature sensitive food is transported in Commercial Food Grade Transport Go Boxes. These Go Boxes hold safe temperatures for 4+ hours, however the lunches are made as close to the delivery time as possible, so the food spends minimal time in the Go Boxes.

We suggest dedicating student reps or staff members to allocate the lunches once delivered. We always include a list of orders to cross check when handing out the lunches. 

All items on our school lunch menu are nut free, although it is important to note we operate in a kitchen that contains nuts for our retail sector, therefore we can’t guarantee there will be no ‘traces of nuts’. However, we follow strict measures to prevent any cross contamination where possible.  

The same applies to our ‘Low Gluten’ and ‘Low Dairy’ items. These ingredients are utilised in our kitchens, therefore we can’t guarantee there will be no traces of gluten or dairy in the lunches. For this reason we have classified items as Low Gluten and Low Dairy.

Go to 'My Account' then 'Manage Students' then select from the drop down option to update classroom details.